Happy Halloween!

Carved pumpkins are aplenty this time of year. But did you know there are lots of fruits and veggies that can be carved for Halloween, including a sweet onion? Here is your step-by-step guide on how to carve a sweet onion. 

Step 1: Cut off ¼-inch from the bottom and top of a sweet onion. Discard bottom, but keep the top for later.

Step 2: Use a melon baller to remove the inner layers of the onion, keep the outermost 2 layers intact. Save the inner layers you scoop out to chop and add to another dish!


Step 3: Use a sharp paring knife to cut out desired shapes or face from the onion exterior.

Step 4: Top with onion top.


Want to see more fruits & veggie carvings? Our friends over at Produce for Kids have you covered! Visit their blog for more fun Halloween ideas.

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