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April 22, 2024

Peruvian Sweet Onions

The sweetest onions in the world.

While Vidalia sweet onions are undoubtedly the sweetest in the world, their unique qualities restrict them to a specific growing region and a limited availability based on seasonality.

So to be sure we offer the sweetest, best tasting onions all year long, we look to additional growing regions during the times of the year when Vidalias are out of season. Peru offers the same sandy soils and climate found in southeast Georgia, and allows us to farm sweet onions during the off-season here in Vidalia to keep the best-tasting sweets on your grocery store shelves until the Vidalia harvest begins again.

From August to March, our RealSweet Peruvian sweet onions can be found in your favorite grocery store. We also grow in Texas to fill in the few weeks in the spring between harvests and keep our RealSweet onions available to you all year long.

RealSweet Peruvian sweet onions imported through Georgia’s Deep Water Ports contribute to the positive impact on the local economy of Georgia and the southeast US including providing more than 440,000 jobs in the area. The Port of Savannah is by far the largest port in the US for container imports of onions, accounting for over half of the volume and coming almost exclusively from Peru. Shuman Farms is proud of the contribution we make to the economy of Georgia and the southeast US.

For more information, review the Georgia Ports Authority Statewide and National Impact or download the Economic Impact of Georgia’s Deepwater Ports report.

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