Our Sustainability Pledge


At Shuman Farms, we understand the importance of sustainability and the role it plays in our people, our farms, our products, our community, and the planet itself. 

We commit to creating full transparency in all of the processes we follow to bring our products to market. 

Furthermore, it is our goal to educate consumers about the important part produce plays in creating a healthy lifestyle. 

    • Shuman Farms is dedicated to the personal and professional development of our team, supporting membership in industry organizations and the attendance of continuing education opportunities to build strong leaders in the produce industry.
    • We strive to maintain a team of long-term experts in the field, with grower partnerships of over 25 years and a majority of Shuman Farms employees holding a role within the company for 5+ years.


    • Shuman Farms is committed to sustainable farming practices aimed at water conservation, reducing soil erosion, and responsible pest and disease control


    • We continue to investigate alternatives to plastic, while also striving to reduce the amount of plastic material used in all of our consumer bags. 
    • Shuman Farms has worked with our suppliers to adjust our packaging to utilize a third less plastic than the previous design. 
    • Approximately 60% of our products sold each year are shipped in cardboard boxes that are made from nearly 100% recycled materials


    • We are committed to creating efficiencies to reduce the carbon footprint at our packing facilities, replacing incandescent lights with LED bulbs and using more efficient fuels in our tractors. 
    • We run high-speed bagging machines that increase production by 30% while utilizing the same amount of energy as a traditional bagger. 


    • In an effort to create a healthier generation, Shuman Farms is committed to educating consumers about healthy living through produce consumption alongside our sister company, Healthy Family Project. 
    • We believe that as farmers and food producers in the US, it is our responsibility to shed light on hunger in America. Through our various charitable projects and programs, Shuman Farms and Healthy Family Project have donated more than 16 million meals to Feeding America.
    • In June 2019, we started shipping our RealSweet® Vidalia® onions in special Feeding America bags. Summer break can be hard for the estimated 29.6 million students receiving free or reduced-cost meals at school. Shipping these special bags and providing a donation provides much-needed aid during this crucial time of year. We also ship our RealSweet onions from Peru in Feeding America bags each Nov. & Dec., another critical time of year.
    • The Shuman Farms team regularly volunteers at their local food bank, America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia in Savannah, GA.
    • We commit to sponsoring community efforts to reduce litter along our roadways by participating in Georgia's Adopt-a-Highway program and sponsoring sections of the interstate system close to our corporate headquarters.