This Vidalia season, we’re giving back to families in need in a big way!

Look for our special Feeding America bags of Vidalia onions in your local grocery store to help give back through Feeding America.

We’re pledging to donate 50,000 meals to families in need this summer.

Did you know 1 in 6 children may not know where they will get their next meal and more than 12 million kids in the US are facing hunger? Through our special Feeding America bags and the work we do with Produce for Kids, we can help end hunger in the U.S.

In 2002, John Shuman, President and CEO of Shuman Farms, founded Produce for Kids, a cause-marketing organization dedicated to creating a healthier generation and giving back to families across the country. Since the program’s inception, Produce for Kids has raised more than $6.7 million for families and children in need. Through Produce for Kids’ in-store and digital campaigns, more than 10 million meals have been provided to those in need.

In addition to supporting our Produce for Kids program this Vidalia season, we’ll also be providing 50,000 additional meals to families in need through our Feeding America® brand Vidalia onion packaging starting in June. According to Feeding America, 22 million children who receive free or reduced lunch during the school year will struggle with hunger. This initiative was designed to help aid the cause.